The First Lady Again in Limelight for Not Dressing Appropriately

Melania Trump wore the same dress from Ralph Lauren collection that she wore on her first international trip as the first lady of United States to Riyadh and Saudi Arabia. The only change was that on her international trip she used a wide leather belt to cinch the dress, while this time around it was a shade less rigid. She also chose to wear stiletto heels, thereby defying the critics.

The first couple is out to meet the victims of the hurricane Harvey in Louisiana, Texas, and Houston. Last week, she was intensely criticised on Twitter when she wore black stiletto shoes for her first visit to Texas. One of the users had tweeted, “Dear Melania, 9inch spike heels aren’t the best for working soup lines or rescuing folks. Oh yeah, y’all just Rubber Necking. Disgusting.” But, today’s footwear simply states that the first lady hardly cares for all such criticism.

It was raining heavily and she was seen cuddling up to Donald to take shelter from the rain under a black umbrella as they were waiting for their plane. Other than repeating the dress and wearing stiletto heels, she used a pair of tortoiseshell sunglasses in rain. Her hair was in loose waves over her shoulders and there was no handbag with her.

Trump, on the other hand, opted for a chambray button down, which was given thumbs up as it was a softer choice than what he wore earlier: a crisp white shirt.

People closely watch what their leaders wear on specific occasions and whether you like it or not you have to act responsibly if you represent your country.